24 November, 2020

Ragging on the French Here

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Rhetorical questions: have you ever seen a conservative character in a French movie? (Nope…well, wait, I take that back: The Day of the Jackal, 1973. One movie! And he was a bad guy). Have you ever seen a French movie that didn’t feature too much sex? (Nope). Also, the French people (the gentiles) seem to take Marxism and Socialism more seriously than other White people. I dislike them for that. They also seem to think that the more complicated something is, the better it is. Not so. Granted, France was sodomized by leftists in 1789 and all of the normal people there were murdered on the guillotine for no good reason other than they had money or land, or they were related to someone or knew someone who had money or land (i.e., early communism). A crime! That may have something to do with modern France, huh? Yeah. [Article].

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