8 November, 2020

Thoughts on War

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God: “You Britons fought endless wars, well over 100 of them, for many centuries. True, you controlled half the world at one time. But that was long ago. Now, what do you have to show for all of that blood being spilled? You own a few small islands, like Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. There were millions of deaths, and horrible physical and mental suffering, but all you have to show for the endless wars is Britain, plus a few worthless islands inhabited mostly by negroes. Isn’t that right?”

British man: “Uhhhm, yeah, that’s pretty much right.”

Wars are the Jews’ harvest. Look at WWII. Only the Jew won WWII. As a result of WWII, the Jews got their own state, Israel, and nuclear weapons for it, and the endless, endless, endless benefits of Holocaustianty (it’s now a religion in the West, complete with mandatory lessons on it in the public schools). And White people? They lost WWII: Britain went bankrupt and lost its empire, and America nearly so, i.e., White families in the U.S. spent serious money — that many of them didn’t have to spare — panic-buying the Jewish-invented (by Henry Morgenthau Jr.) and government-pushed “war bonds”; some frightened citizens spent nearly every dime they had on “war bonds”; it took 20 years for America’s debt-to-GDP ratio to return to the pre-war ratio.

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