27 November, 2020

Zionist Aggression Increases Dramatically Worldwide

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Since Donald Trump became president, Zionist aggression has increased dramatically: Iranians murdered, more Jewish homes built in the West Bank, American sanctions on Iran tightened. (Last time I checked, Iran was located nowhere near America).

The fortunes of Israel are going up, up, up, while the fortunes of Iran are going down, down, down. What arrogance Israel has: “In the Middle East, only we can have nuclear things!” (bombs, power stations, etc.). Israel has a long history of assassinating Muslim scientists. Read the 1990 book “By Way Of Deception” by Victor Ostrovsky (here, a .PDF file). No doubt Israel was behind this assassination as well.

I recall reading something surprisingly positive about the Iranian people, who are not Arabs but Persians. You should read it, too (note: I’m no friend of the Muslims, by the way; but the Iranian people [not the government, but the citizens] are apparently nice people) [1].



[1] Article about Americans visiting Iran in 2014

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