13 December, 2020

Alex On Schopenhauer

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“(Arthur) Schopenhauer is one of the greatest geniuses who ever lived. The idea that he’s a failure because he failed to attach a fishwife is, to put it mildly, laughable. Not always, maybe not even most of the time, but very, very often true geniuses live alone out of necessity. Women are basically of the earth, as Camille Paglia will tell you. They have small brains, and fill their days with empty babble, which is satisfying to them. They are nice and comforting for average men, but for those geniuses with a true mission, they tend (to) be disruptive and irritating, beyond their sex function. Indeed, if it weren’t for sex, most men, not just geniuses, would have virtually nothing to do with women. Almost nowhere outside of overtly sexual setting like bars or bedrooms do men and women naturally congregate. Even if you have a family gathering, what happens? The women go off in one area, the men in another. Only when they’re eating or partying or sleeping do they come together. Otherwise, they have little in common.” — Alex Linder

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