3 December, 2020

Behind America’s Moral Decay

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The subject is the general decline in moral fitness of White Americans. In fact, I believe this moral decline is an affliction not just of Americans, but of White people nearly everywhere. I don’t want the word moral to be misunderstood here. I’m not talking at all about the same thing some Christians refer to when they lament the decline of morals in America. I’m not talking about sex, for example.

By moral fitness I mean such things as strength of character, toughness, degree of self-discipline, willingness to endure hardship. But moral fitness is more than that. Being morally fit also means having an internal code of behavior and sticking to it. It means having values and standards that one applies in a systematic way to guiding one’s own behavior and to judging the behavior of other people. It means having some purpose in one’s life and directing one’s life in accord with that purpose.”


Audio version: [Here].

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