12 December, 2020

In Law, Wording Is Everything (The U.S. Supreme Court)

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Texas lost the lawsuit (at the U.S. Supreme Court) on Friday against the four states that illegally changed their voting rules [1]. Texas lost because it could not prove “standing,” i.e., that it was the “injured party.” But Donald Trump can prove that! As a political candidate, Trump’s chances of winning in those four states were lessened because the voting rules were illegally changed. Those actions by the states “artificially skewed the election results” in those four states. Those state actions “injured” Trump directly by enabling or aiding vote fraud, especially via mail-in ballots and late ballots. That gives Trump, as a political candidate, “standing.” He was very much the “injured party” re: the states’ illegal actions regarding voting rules. (Only the state legislatures can change the voting rules).

Wording is everything in law. Why don’t they try re-wording the lawsuit to “Trump vs. Pennsylvania et al”?


[1] Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin

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