12 December, 2020

Missing in the Dialogue About Joe Biden

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1. Biden is, apparently, senile. If he is, he cannot be in charge of America’s huge nuclear arsenal. No way. He can’t even be sworn into office if he’s senile. (Obviously, something is, or was, going on with his health if he had to stay home in his house most of the time just before the November 2020 election).

2. If he is senile, “running him for president” is sustained elder abuse (a felony) and sustained financial exploitation of the elderly (also a felony) [1]. It’s also morally reprehensible.

3. Apparently, Kamala Harris can’t replace Biden if Biden is never sworn into office in the first place (which he can’t be if he is senile) or he doesn’t die. That Harris/Biden switch could only happen, in theory, if Biden died or became incapacitated between Jan. 6 and Jan. 20, 2021, which is not likely; Harris could only become a temporary president if Biden didn’t “qualify” to be president; so, at best, Harris could only become a one-month-or-so president; see the 20th Amendment).

4. Oddly, the above things are never mentioned when people talk about Biden. It’s always other things such as “vote fraud” or “gaffs” or “too liberal” or “China/Ukraine,” etc.


[1] See the federal Elder Justice Act, enacted in 2010

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