13 December, 2020

More On Taxes

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One day, my dad came home from work and said that he had gotten a pay raise. But he didn’t seem very happy about it. When asked why, he said, “sure, I will earn more now, but the raise bumps me into a higher tax bracket. So I will pay more in taxes. So the raise really means nothing.”

Ahh, yes, the “progressive” income tax! It punishes success. (How about an 8% flat income tax? Everyone pays 8% of their yearly income? No tax accountants needed).

Why are Americans so taxed today? That’s easy to answer: liberals dominated (repeat, dominated) America for 50 years, circa 1933 to 1981 (e.g., Congress, the Supreme Court, the state legislatures, etc.) [1]. And what do liberals love to do? Right: tax and spend! The liberals “solve” America’s problems by getting the government involved in everything. That requires money and lots of it, hence the need for more taxes. That’s their “solution” to every problem: more government. Or, to put it more accurately, liberals “tax White people and give most of the money to Black and Brown people.”

At least we can be thankful that we don’t live in Sweden, where the government takes almost 60% of your yearly salary [2]. In other words: you make it, they take it. Socialism is expensive (granted, Sweden is “socialism lite”).


[1] in 1975, liberals controlled 37 state legislatures, they controlled the Supreme Court until 2020 and they controlled Congress until 1994; sadly, most of the “conservative” politicians and judges in America have not been actual conservatives, but more like “moderates” (e.g., presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon, although I confess to liking Nixon anyway)

[2] Income tax rates listed by country

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