30 December, 2020

Moving Towards a Manufactured Reality, or, Fake-lity

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“Why Some People Think 2+2=5…and why they’re right.”

They’re right? Really? That’s a provocative article title, to be sure!

You can see the signs: we are becoming a region (the Western world) where reality isn’t actually real, but is instead a manufactured or made-up thing — a fake-lity instead of a reality. A good example: the transgender craze, where men can “become” women because some “expert” at Yale says they can. Or, when some expert at MIT says “Black people are smarter than White people” and it’s true because he’s an “expert” and he wrote a paper on it. He’s an expert! Are you going to believe your lying eyes and ears, or him?? (The “correct” answer is: him). Never question an expert! Besides, he went to Harvard and studied under the famous expert Nathan Goldberg Weinstein! So he must be an expert!).

Same thing here, below.

Now, it’s a cold, hard fact that, if you have 2 apples in a basket, and you add 2 more apples to the basket, you now have 4 apples in the basket, not 5 or 6 or 17. But an “expert” says otherwise.

You can blame the postmodernist Jews, like Jacques Derrida, for fake-lity. Derrida pioneered the idea that “X is really Y if you say it is” [1]. Just say it and it’s true! Say “Trump is a Nazi!” There! It’s true. Why? Because you just said so! All postmodernists should be imprisoned for life in filthy prison cells with no books or TVs. Maybe Trump will do that in 2021. (Postmodernism is merely a new form of Marxism. In fact, you could say that the postmodernists “rescued” Marxism from death circa 1960. It would have died long ago if not for them; actually, I’m kidding, sort of. Marxism will never die as long as assholes exist in the world).

[Article]. (Note the strange mention of IQ in this article, which is, or, was, a real, scientific measurement of human intelligence [i.e., the ability to recognize and solve problems] until about 1980 when the Cultural Marxists decided that IQ measurement wasn’t “real,” so now, it’s not “real”).


[1] Derrida’s philosophy was simple: “if you believe it, then it’s true.” Do you believe that Denver is a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens? Then, goddamn it, just declare it to be a “sanctuary city” and it is! Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz! Just click your heels together three times and presto! Denver is a sanctuary city! Anyone who says otherwise is a Nazi!

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