5 December, 2020

On Indians and Land Theft

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The very idea that the Indians “owned” America circa 1820! Most Indian tribes had summer and winter camps. They would move back-and-forth as the seasons changed. But that doesn’t stop the liberals from moaning about how Whites “stole” Indian land. (Granted, a few western Indians lived in permanent, cliff dwellings in the rocks of New Mexico and Arizona, e.g., the Anasazi). And then, there’s Kennewick Man to further spoil the liberal “theft” argument. (“Native American” has a lot of different meanings. The first “Native Americans” were Eurasians who came here by crossing the Beringia land bridge circa 11,000 BC. Some Eurasians were no doubt White, since “Eurasian” covers a lot of different types of people. So the Indian “claim” to American land is non-existent).

[Article], [Article] and [Article].

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