31 December, 2020

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“The Rising Tide of Color” (Against White World-Supremacy) by Dr. Lothrop Stoddard; 1920; 354 pages. Stoddard is called an “American white supremacist” on Wikipedia. But in 1920, all Whites were naturally and logically “White supremacists.” After all, if Whites aren’t supreme, who is? We gave the world to mankind. We even gave the world “democracy,” and air conditioning, and the printing press. Do “they” ever thank us for that? Nope. They just bitch and moan about how Trump is a “racist” (it’s funny how Trump was never called a racist until he ran for president in June 2015! Funny that!).

White people used to control the world. The whole enchilada, the entire globe. Now? Blacks, Browns, Jews and Marxists call the tune. Whites just sit and watch their former world implode; they don’t seem to realize that getting drunk and watching porn isn’t going to stop the implosion. It will only hasten it.

Quoting the Preface of the book:

“In saying this I do not refer solely to military “perils.” The subjugation of white lands by colored armies may, of course, occur, especially if the white world continues to rend itself with internecine wars. However, such colored triumphs of arms are less to be dreaded than more enduring conquests like migrations which would swamp whole populations and turn countries now white into colored man’s lands irretrievably lost to the white world. Of course, these ominous possibilities existed even before 1914, but the war has rendered them much more probable.

The most disquieting feature of the present situation, however, is not the war but the peace. The white world’s inability to frame a constructive settlement, the perpetuation of intestine hatreds, and the menace of fresh white civil wars complicated by the spectre of social revolution, evoke the dread thought that the late war may be merely the first stage in a cycle of ruin.

In fact, so absorbed is the white world with its domestic dissensions that it pays scant heed to racial problems whose importance for the future of mankind far transcends the questions which engross its attention to-day.”

[Book, plain-text version].

[Book, deluxe version].

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