4 December, 2020

Partial Martial Law: Not Good for the Fraudsters

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It looks like Team Trump has found good evidence of vote fraud. For example: [Here] and [Here].

If Donald Trump enacts partial martial law (i.e., military law takes over) due to the 2020 vote fraud, then the vote fraudsters will likely be arrested by the U.S. military, and taken to/held at military bases, where the fraudsters’ Jewish lawyers can’t bail them out. They could be held for a long time before trial. They could also face eventual execution for treason or sedition. (The rule that “civilians may not be tried by military tribunals as long as civilian courts are functional” may not apply here, given Trump’s Executive Order of 2018 which established a “national emergency” then; that EO is still valid).

If I were one of the vote fraudsters, I’d be getting scared right about now. (It’s going to be curious to see how many vote fraudsters there are: 100? 500? 1,000? And who directed the fraud?).

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