28 December, 2020

Questions About the Ongoing, Endless Covid-19 Farce

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How is it that the left-wing states that locked down severely are doing worse, Covid-19-wise, than the right-wing states that didn’t lock down severely? Must be just a Cohencidence. Indeed, the evidence suggests that locking down cities/states makes the Covid-19 transmission rates even higher.

How is it that different states classify “Covid-19 deaths” differently? In some states, if you die from a stroke or heart attack, and you had Covid-19 in your body, you “died from Covid-19” even though you actually didn’t.

How is it that Covid-19 is called a “deadly disease” when the actual death rate from Covid-19 is less than 1% overall? [1].

One more thought: you couldn’t invent a better way to kill capitalism and free markets in the West than Covid-19. It’s airborne communism. The leftists keep locking down cities/states, again and again. After Covid-19, they’ll have to create Covid-21 and Covid-23 and so on.


[1] early death projections for Covid-19 were about 3 percent (fatality rate). But it’s not even near that, even today. It’s 0.2 percent (in other words, two-tenths of 1 percent). Of course, the political-bullshit-death-numbers mentioned above skew the actual death numbers; hospitals get big money from the government for every Covid-19 patient they have, so of course the death numbers are going to be padded by greedy people (and there are more greedy people today than in 1950, since morality is largely gone today, and so is common sense: this is the first time in history that healthy people have been quarantined).

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