15 December, 2020

Was It All a Big Plot?

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1. Endless “Russia/Trump collusion” charges in the media and Congress
2. The fake Steele dossier
3. The phony Trump “impeachment”
4. Covid-19 arriving in America in an election year, just before a massive vote-theft action
5. The endless Covid-19 lockdowns
6. The hysterical war on the Covid-19 drug Hydroxychloroquine
7. The endless riots in America in Spring/Summer 2020
8. The stolen election
9. The almost-total silence over Biden’s mental status by both political parties
10. And so much more

Was that all connected from the start? Was it all directed by one group of people? If so, who? And who paid for it all? Was it all designed to end “Trumpism” and usher in socialism in America? (The lockdowns were a great way to kill the economy, capitalism and Trump’s reputation all at once). Was Obama involved? Was Biden involved? Will we ever know? It’s all so “total” that it almost seems carefully coordinated by: the NSA, CIA, FBI, or all three. That sounds “conspiracy-kook”/”tinfoil-hat” for sure, but what else can you surmise? (Regardless, the smart money says, “lots of powerful Jews were involved”).

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