11 December, 2020

White Philosophy for Newbies: The Traditional Man vs. The New Man

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(Re: the furor over Rush Limbaugh’s recent comment that America is heading towards secession: you can blame the Left for that! Liberals are turds in the punchbowl, and they must be removed from the punchbowl, somehow, some way).

The Traditional Man sticks with what works, with ideas that are tested and true. Those ideas worked then and now. “Was it good enough for Dad and Granddad?” Then it’s good enough for him, too. Makes sense. Traditional Man isn’t impressed with socialism or Marxism — indeed, he rightly fears them because he knows that those ideologies are but ethnic-based frauds (both socialism and communism were founded and spread by Jews).

The New Man (i.e., the socialist/Marxist) has no ties to the past — in fact, according to him, the past sucks, because it’s rotten with sexism, racism and White colonialism. The New Man is convinced that socialism and Marxism are great and are indeed necessary in order to save mankind. (This is merely tikkun olam; New Man believes that all solutions to problems must be global, not local or regional; consider the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement).

Traditional Man must be wiped out, believes the New Man, because he won’t “go along with the agenda of progress.” He’s standing in the way of progress; he won’t embrace the idea of the New Man and the New World Order. He is archaic, he is old-fashioned and he must disappear one way or another.

But New Man’s idea is 100% backwards: New Man is the problem. He’s a danger to the entire Western world. New Man must disappear one way or another. He is a dangerous dreamer, a hopeless loser, a troublemaker and a nation-wrecker. Importantly, most New Men cannot be mentally rehabilitated, i.e., you’ll never convince them that they are dangerous freaks; only about 5% of New Men can be ideologically changed; the rest are lost forever. They must be isolated, somehow, from the rest of America. Federal charges of “sedition” and “treason” (the legal definitions will have to be amended)? Political prisons? That would be a good start [1].


[1] “Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organisation, that tends toward rebellion against the established order.” — Wikipedia, Dec. 2020. I’ve said before that liberalism/leftism is so dangerous that it must be banned by law; we are now seeing the results of unchecked liberalism

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