19 December, 2020

White Philosophy For Newbies: Thoughts On Conservatives

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A guy called into Rush Limbaugh’s radio show the other day. He went on a rant about how he hates conservatives. He called conservatives “do-nothings” who “sit on their hands” all day.

He’s right. Conservatives, as we know them today, are do-nothings. They sit around and watch as America-the-White-republic implodes.

Think of politics as a football game: the liberals are always playing offense, while the conservatives are always playing defense. But in their playing defense, they aren’t really defending America. They’re pretending to defend America. A great example: non-White immigration into America. Half of the conservatives don’t object to such immigration and in fact support non-White immigration. That’s not conservative.

The conservative hero today is Ronald Reagan. But what did Reagan really do? He was president for 8 years (1981-1989), but I can think of only two or three good things that Reagan did in those 8 years [1]. That’s not a good record. In fact, that’s a horrible record. Furthermore, Reagan legalized millions of illegal immigrants in 1986 [2]. Why on earth did he do that? (Answer: to help Big Agriculture).

And the conservatives’ 1994 Contract With America? What did that do in the long term? Nothing. It sounded good, but who even remembers it today?

Conservatism in America is a paper tiger. It’s all for show. It’s a flashy car with no engine. It’s time for “conservatives” to bury “conservatism” for good and embrace right-wing populism, aka Trumpism; later they can, and indeed must, segue to White nationalism.


[1] e.g., Reagan hastened the demise of the Soviet Union by forcing it to spend money it didn’t have in the “arms race” with America; he also called it “the evil empire,” which was a first for a modern American president.

[2] i.e., 3 million, via the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act; as I noted previously, the actual number of illegals that were legalized by Reagan ended up being far higher than 3 million, since America has a “chain immigration” law which favors the immigrants’ relatives; the actual number was probably 15 million

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