3 December, 2020

White Philosophy: On Mainstream Liberalism/Leftism

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Mainstream liberalism has no map and no compass, i.e., ideologically speaking, leftists just wander about, like a man lost in the woods. Directionless. They have no actual game plan. They just follow the liberal line, which is: “oppose anything that seems conservative and use violence when necessary.”

According to leftists, one minute “race” matters, but the next minute it doesn’t matter. One day race doesn’t even exist, but the next day the liberals are moaning about how evil White people are! Money and wealth are evil, say the leftists, yet some of the richest people in America are leftists (e.g., Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg). Congress is full of wealthy liberals (e.g., Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi). Somehow, liberals don’t care if other liberals are rich. But if conservatives are rich, that keeps them up at night.

According to the liberals, one minute there is an important thing known as sex/gender, but the next minute it doesn’t matter what sex/gender you are, because all humans are the same!

It must be very confusing to be a leftist. Nothing is concrete in leftism. The political goalposts move constantly. It’s Alice-In-Wonderland-ish. Socialists are called “democrats.” Even Marxists are called “democrats.” In the liberal mind, everyone on the Left is a democrat.

Actually, I’m sort of kidding here because I’m treating leftism as a political ideology. It isn’t. It’s more like a cult that has no actual beliefs other than hate — you just show up and you’re a member of it just by being there and hating most of the people in America. So pay no attention to what I just wrote above. There’s really only one thing you need to know about leftism: it isn’t a political ideology per se. It doesn’t need to be coherent. It doesn’t need doctrines and tenets and beliefs. Because it’s only a weapon. That’s all it is. Liberalism is a wrecking ball being used against White Western culture. Leftism amounts to: “tear it all down! Destroy America and the West! Wreck everything traditional! Burn it all!” That’s what liberalism is about. Just like Marxism. It need not be coherent or sensible. Liberals build nothing. They only tear down. That’s all they do. Liberalism won’t be satisfied until Western culture is destroyed — and then the liberals will have to find something else to destroy.

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    1. Hadrian Says:

      That’s because they are puppets of their Jewish masters. If their masters are eradicated then everything and I mean everything would go back to normal very very quickly. With no one running that massive Jewish propaganda machine, the next generation of white children would be the product of nature. As culture comes from DNA, and without the propaganda machine running , or at the very least it now being in our hands, we could start the process of rebuilding. The left would cease to exist. But I digress… Much thanks to Alex for all his hard work here and at vnnforum and for all the wonderful library of audio books he has for us. All that hard work enables the erudite and learned of us to learn all that much quicker. So thanks Alex.