23 January, 2021

A Giant Hate-Crime: the Covid-19 Lockdowns

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Someone once said: “Whenever a liberal accuses you of committing “X” crime, you can bet your last nickel that he committed “X” crime just yesterday!” Yes, indeed. That goes double for hate-crimes. Nobody hates like a liberal.

Now that Donald Trump is out of office, liberals are rushing to open restaurants and other businesses. They no longer need to use the Covid-19 lockdowns as weapons.

As someone else noted, liberals make everything political — indeed, they are born political. And since the 1960s, that habit has gotten worse. Now they politicize food, cars, sports, cows, the weather, pets. There is a certain way to think about everything today, and your thinking better be correct, citizen!

The closing-down of states due to Covid-19 was all about hate: Trump-hate and White-hate. The shutdowns had nothing to do with “public health” — in fact, the states that locked down severely (e.g., California) fared no better than the states that didn’t. The lockdowns were a scam, designed to ruin Trump’s legacy and to punish White Trump supporters (business owners are disproportionately conservative and most of them supported Trump. Liberals hate successful people and if those people are White they double-hate them).

What the liberals did with the lockdowns was a giant hate-crime of staggering proportions: many billions of dollars lost, many millions of jobs canceled, and many suicides, heart attacks and strokes caused (and coming soon: many divorces, too). Are the liberals ever going to pay for all the damage they caused? Nope. Liberals never have to pay for their crimes; meanwhile, conservatives rot in prison.


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