13 January, 2021

A Speech About the New Left (by a Former Leftist)

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Collier was a well-known leftist in the 1960s and was closely associated with David Horowitz.

The Jewish Marxist, Herbert Marcuse, was the godfather of the New Left — which gives you an idea of the severeness of its goals and aims [1]. In the 1960s, the New Left basically “declared war” on traditional America. That’s what we are seeing today as well, with the war on Donald Trump and his followers. Very little has changed since 1968!

Marxism is like alcoholism: it’s very often genetic: if your dad was a Marxist America-hater, the chances are good that you’ll be a Marxist America-hater, too, and so will your kids. Notice how the speaker says that the 1960s ideas continued from one generation to the next. This is what I meant when I said that “the 1960s ended but the ideas and values of the 1960s didn’t end.” In so many ways, America didn’t survive the 1960s. The counterculture “poison” never left the American body. It remained within it.

Isn’t it funny how Marxism pretends to be a “liberating” movement? It says, “we are going to save you from Western culture! Peace, stability, security, beauty, logical thinking — we are liberating you from those evil, White things!” They’re saving us from goodness, stability and decency! Gee, thanks!

The New Left was mostly 1960s-era Jews pushing “racial equality” ideas onto White Americans whether they wanted them or not (they didn’t want them). In contrast, the Old Left, circa 1935, was mostly about economics, labor, improving the lives of factory workers, and so forth. It wasn’t about race like the New Left was. (Allow me to insert here one of my favorite quotes about the Left: the Jew, Claude Levi-Strauss, developed/galvanized the concept of the ‘bad’ White world vs. the ‘good’ non-White world, which author Norman Cantor calls “the cardinal doctrine of all leftist-leaning thought since 1960”).

One final thought: America was the freest, strongest White nation in history. Yes, in history! And the Jews led the leftist movement(s) to kill America. And they have gotten away with it. Completely.

[Video; duration is 55 minutes].


[1] Marcuse’s book “One-Dimensional Man” (1964; a .PDF file) is considered to be the bible of the New Left

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