22 January, 2021

Blacks Blame White Corporate America for Their Failures

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Race: they always say “it doesn’t matter.” But if race doesn’t matter, why do they mention it every day? It obviously does matter, very much so!

Here, Blacks are suing McDonald’s, via a class-action lawsuit, because some Black restaurants failed. (Class-action lawsuits are unconstitutional. They are “gang lawsuits” often involving hundreds of plaintiffs who smell money).

When Blacks fail, it’s always Whitey’s fault. Even if it isn’t. Blacks don’t have a good history of business management, or anything-management for that matter. (I once knew a White realtor. He had some experience with Blacks, and he told me interesting things about them: Blacks never pay rent on time, they allow the bills to pile up unpaid, they always look for ways to “cut corners” on services or expenses (e.g., “we can re-use those plastic spoons!”), etc., etc. If a Black business failed, it’s a safe bet that it failed due to Black mismanagement).

[Article; it’s slow-to-open; hat tip: Paul at VNNF].

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