13 January, 2021

Cuba: So Shitty That Even the Cheese Is Fake

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You want real cheese? Good luck finding it in the “socialist paradise.”

In Cuba (called “Cooba” by the locals), the communist government’s “cheese” (known as “melt”) is not real cheese, it’s a cheese substitute made from fat and coloring:

“Many times what is distributed under the name of processed cheese is actually a substitute made from fat such as sunflower oil and butter, salt flux and coloring,” explains the merchant who, before selling pizzas, made a living as an employee of the Ministry of Internal Trade. β€œIt smells like cheese and may taste faintly like cheese, but cheese it is not.”

Cuba: a country so crappy that you can’t even buy “cheese food” (cheap sliced cheese with extra, non-cheese ingredients like you see here in America at the discount food stores).


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