26 January, 2021

Free Speech: Where Is It Today?

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On January 6, 1941, the crippled, left-wing pinko and nation-wrecker Franklin D. Roosevelt made his famous “Four Freedoms” speech, which was likely written by one of his Jewish speechwriters such as Sam Rosenman. In his address, Roosevelt talked of a future world in which four freedoms would be guaranteed to everybody: freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. (I would have added “and free tacos for everyone standing under 6-foot-6 inches!” but he didn’t ask me…).

Okay, FDR, if we really have freedom of speech, why is everybody being deplatformed and banned on social media today? Hmmmm? Where is our freedom today, commie-boy? By defeating Germany, FDR and his hebes actually paved the way for anti-White tyranny in 2021.

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