21 January, 2021

Green Marxism: “President” Biden Re-Joins America to the Paris Climate-Hoax Treaty

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Liberals discovered years ago that “climate-change” mandates are a great way to punish White people. Punish them for what? For being successful. After all, what is leftism but a war on White Western culture? Using climate-change laws, the liberals can force White people to do all sorts of things, e.g., force them to buy electric cars, force them to car-pool, force them to limit themselves to 1 shower/bath per week, force them to buy new car tires based on tire wear rules (California proposed this “fuel efficiency” mandate; it will no doubt become law soon). There really is no limit to what liberals can do with climate-change laws. The sky is the limit.

[Article; notice the scare-word “crisis” in the article; this “crisis” sort of recalls the fake, media-created “energy crisis” of 1973/1974, which was hyped 24/7, but vanished suddenly].

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