12 January, 2021

Liberal Writer Says: Leftists Have High Moral Principles

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Liberal, British writer Jonathan Cook wrote:

(Using fake racism accusations is) “a deeply ugly, deeply illiberal, deeply manipulative, deeply dishonest tactic. But it is also brilliantly effective. Which is why nowadays rightists and centrists use it at every opportunity. The left, given its principles, rarely resorts to this kind of deceit.”

Principles?? Huh. Given the fact that liberals are the most dishonest, deceitful, cruel, hate-filled, vengeful people on earth (next to the Jews, who are even worse), I really must wonder how Cook could make such an amazing statement. Who boldly stole the 2020 election, and then boldly lied about the theft? Not the Right.

After hearing about the “kind” and “tolerant” and “peaceful” Left for many decades, I finally realized that that label was totally false and that, instead, just the opposite was true (yeah, I know, I’m kinda slow). Indeed, most political violence in the world comes from the Left, not the Right (for example, 1970s Italy and the ultra-violent Red Brigades, or, 1970s Germany and The Red Army Faction).


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