14 January, 2021

Now You Know Why Trump Had To Be Impeached: The Pets Wanted It

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Whenever God’s Pets start getting nervous, horrible things happen (like World War II, for example — a war that was almost solely created by the nervousness/paranoia of two powerful Jews: Bernard Baruch and Samuel Untermyer) [1]. It’s a real quandary for the self-chosen: Donald Trump is the best friend Israel ever had, so the Jews should support him, but, at the same time, the Jews are paranoid about Trump’s millions of followers, who they see as rifle-toting, “anti-Semitic” neo-fascists who live in trailer parks in the Deep South.



[1] Adolf Hitler had just been appointed chancellor of Germany in 1933 when Untermyer announced a full “economic war” on Germany, which led to every Jew in the Western world — especially in Hollywood and the American media — fighting against Germany; president F.D. Roosevelt took orders from Baruch, not vice-versa; upon Baruch’s advice (“Bernie raised me from a pup!” — FDR), Roosevelt told Poland to reject any diplomacy with Germany and to instead resist Hitler vigorously, even though Hitler had the legal right to reclaim Danzig and the Corridor, which were stolen from Germany in 1919 via the fraudulent Versailles Treaty; even British Prime Minister David Lloyd George admitted that the treaty was bogus

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