1 January, 2021

Seeing the Truth About D.C. (Only Professional Politicians Are Allowed)

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America currently has 100 Senators (52 Republicans, 46 Democrats, 2 Independents). But only 1 of those Senators (Josh Hawley, R-Missouri) has come forward to publicly support Donald Trump re: the election theft and the challenging of Joe Biden’s fake electors on Jan. 6. Just 1 Senator! In other words, 99 of the Senators are okay with Brain-Dead Biden illegally “serving” as our president! Heaven help us. (And Senate “leader” Mitch McConnell? He’s angry that Hawley is supporting Trump!). Washington, D.C. = only professional whores who hate “the little people” are welcome. Trump isn’t one, so he’s not welcome. Besides, how dare an ex-TV-host (The Apprentice, 2004-2017) do a way better job as president than any of the professional whores! How dare he!

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