2 January, 2021

Speaking of Cuba, Look at This: Starvation in Cuba Increases

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This food store in Cuba only has 3 items for sale: “juice in bags, ginger, and coarsely chopped cornmeal.” Three items!

People are now starving in Cuba, since Cuba’s latest “sugar-daddy” (socialist-run Venezuela) has nearly collapsed [1].

You always hear leftists moan about countries committing “human-rights violations.” But strangely, the leftists are completely silent about Cuba starving its citizens (as if starving your citizens isn’t a human-rights violation!).

(Trivia: Fidel Castro visited the U.S. several times to give speeches at the UN in NYC. But he was never arrested, despite the fact that Castro stole millions of dollars worth of U.S. property, and murdered and oppressed some Americans, during the early years of the “revolution.” Had Castro been a Pinochet-type of guy, he surely would have been arrested).

[Blog about Cuba].


[1] Venezuela is moving to ban all paper money in favor of a digital currency, in order to hide its train-wreck-like economy from the citizens. How much of that horrible economy is due to U.S. sanctions and how much is due to general idiocy on the part of President Nicolas Maduro is unknown; maybe 50%-50%?

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