7 January, 2021

The Big Steal: Not Over Yet

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Recall what Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said: “the public will be shocked” over what happens after Christmas. And Giuliani is a credible guy.

Team Trump couldn’t make any big moves before January 6 because they had no clear mandate.

But now that January 6 has come and gone, and the Dems have stolen the 2020 election hook, line and sinker (and Georgia, again, 2 days ago!), Team Trump has a crystal-clear mandate.

Trump will be in office for 2 more weeks.

In fact, the “Pence/electors thing” on January 6 was, in my opinion, fake. Play acting. Team Trump wanted to give the Dems one final chance to “make it right,” one last time to play fair. And of course they didn’t. That “clarifies the mandate” even more for the public.

As for Trump’s promise of an “orderly transition of power to Biden” on January 20, I think he’s just saying that to placate the Left and the anti-Trumpers. Joe Biden can’t even be sworn into office. He isn’t up for the job and nearly everybody knows it. He couldn’t find his left elbow without help. This guy is gonna command the world’s most powerful military? How? Biden even canceled his live inauguration ceremonies because he isn’t up to them (the inauguration will feature a “virtual parade” instead — what the hell is that??).

As for impeaching Trump now (as some leftists have called for), based on what charge? He hasn’t done anything impeachable. He didn’t tell the rioters to riot on January 6. (Some of the rioters were leftists who infiltrated the pro-Trump crowd).

I say: look for some type of partial martial law/Insurrection Act declaration from Trump within the next 10 days or so. Look for arrests and indictments via grand juries. Indeed, Trump must act, or else all U.S. elections over the next 20 years will be crooked. Why vote in crooked elections?

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