25 January, 2021

The Fraud of Neoconservative “Anti-Communism”

Posted by Socrates in Jewed philosophy, jewed politics, Neocon agenda, neocon ideology, Neocons, Socrates at 8:51 am | Permanent Link

“Neoconservatives and their apologists would have the public believe that the neocons were former Leftists who saw the light and came to reject liberal or Marxist ideology as a matter of conviction and principle. Regrettably, this official line has come to be conventional wisdom, no doubt reflecting neocon efforts to hide the fact that their transformation was neither sincerely motivated nor sincerely enacted. To understand the real agenda that drove and continues to drive much of neoconservatism, one needs to look back to the origins of the movement and the cultural backgrounds of those who lead it.”


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