16 January, 2021

The Last Two All-White Countries in Europe Are Targeted for Destruction via NWO Policies

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Poland (which is 94% Polish) and Hungary (which is 93% Hungarian, aka, Magyar, who are “mixed Whites” of various ethnicities: Celtic, Germanic, Slavic), two White European countries which are led by right-wing governments and which are not yet full of negroes, feminists, fags and trannies, refuse to follow the New World Order plan for the White nations (i.e., open borders, leftism, internationalism, queer/transgender rights, Cultural Marxism, etc.). You see, if you won’t come to the NWO, it will come to you! Very often via military jets marked “USA” dropping bombs on you! Ask Serbia. (How ironic: both Poland and Hungary have already been sacked several times, historically speaking, by Jewish/leftist forces: Hungary in both 1919 and 1945, and Poland in 1945) [1].



[1] Jewish communists such as Jacob (Jakub) Berman, Hilary Minc, Anatol Fejgin, Jozef Swiatlo, Roman Zambrowski and others terrorized Poland after 1945. Hungary was also terrorized by Jewish Marxists in 1919 (e.g., Bela Kun, Tibor Szamuely and Jeno Landler) and also after 1945 (e.g., Mathias Rakosi, Ernst Gero, Mihály Farkas and Joseph Révai)

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