24 January, 2021

Thoughts on Globalism (as Opposed to Localism/Regionalism)

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Whites: “Give us globalism or give us death!”
Jews: “You’ll get both at once!”

“Equality” became the significant word in 1945 — not only for humans, but for states, too.

There is a natural pecking order in the world. White people have priority in the pecking order [1]. Or they did, until 1945, when Germany was destroyed via a global alliance between democrats and communists, and the United Nations (UN) was created. After 1945, all of the world’s nations, and the people in them, became “equal.” The fact that they weren’t equal meant nothing.

You might say that in 1945, globalism took a giant leap forward. Today, globalism is the rule, not the exception: the EU, NATO, the UN, UNESCO, WHO, endless foreign wars fought by the West in the Middle East, multi-national corporations and NGOs, and so on.

Globalism here is defined as: when the interests of the entire world are placed above those of the White nations. You can have White nation-states, or globalism. Not both! (On that note: Can you imagine that president Bill Clinton risked the lives of White, American soldiers when he ordered them to invade Somalia in 1993?? Somalia is a worthless, Black cesspool of a country, located in Africa! See “The Battle of Mogadishu,” the deadliest firefight U.S. forces have fought in recent history).

Here’s a good example of globalism from way back: remember circa 1970, when America was being flooded with inexpensive Japanese motorcycles such as Kawasaki and Honda? That was great for Japan, sure, but horrible for the American motorcycle company Harley-Davidson and the American-bike-related industries. Worse, the Japanese soon began making their bikes in…wait for it…America! Who allowed that? My god!

Like Marxism, globalism is a leveling, equalizing movement. It abolishes the natural, Whites-first pecking order, and so is therefore an anti-White movement by default. That movement says, for example, that a crappy Brown country in Central America (e.g., El Salvador) is equal in every way to a White country like England. But it isn’t. Joining the UN doesn’t make you equal. You’re still the same crappy country you always were, it’s just that now you belong to a global, bullying entity founded by Jewish communists in 1945.

Furthermore, globalism kills sovereignty. It also kills localism and regionalism — in music, arts, in customs and traditions, even in food and drink. Globalism also kills small businesses. And, while some trade with other countries is necessary, that is much different from the severe globalism-worship which the U.S. practices.

Globalism should be shunned at all points and places.


[1] “By developing a pecking order, animals determine which individuals will get priority of access to resources, particularly when they are limited” — Wikipedia, Jan. 2021

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