30 January, 2021

Towards a Better Understanding of Leftism, or, Freaks Attract Freaks

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Waxing political here.

A theory: leftists are attracted to communism/socialism because leftists are defective, childish, angry, unhappy, lost, control-freak people who are constantly searching for meaning in their lives. Have you ever met a liberal who was happy? They are sad, reckless souls, wandering around and stirring up trouble because that’s what they do [1]. They look for happiness in drugs, sex, booze, political power and Marxist revolution, crazy fads, but they never find happiness. It’s out of reach for them. They have no “happy” gene.

Okay, liberals are defective and lost, but most of all, liberals are angry! Very angry. And always bent on revenge! (they are like Jews in that way). Why are they so angry? They apparently think that life cheated them by giving the conservatives all of the happiness and stability in life. The loving families, the order and the peace that is found in traditional homes seem to not exist in liberal homes. (But, lefty girl, if your father was a hippie speed-freak who molested you, or you were a latch-key kid because mommy was a restless career-chick [just like you], how is that our fault? Don’t take your miseries out on us. Go see Dr. Weinberg. Maybe he can “help” you by filling your head with psycho-babble).

Troubled, lost and angry people will naturally be attracted to communism and to communist thugs like Stalin, Castro, Ortega, Allende and similar jerks. Angry people love communism because it upsets the apple cart. Liberals are basically freaks and so they are attracted to powerful freaks like Castro.

The “controlling” part of liberal brains is well-known (look at California or NYC). Those parts of their brains are “satisfied” by political power and the manipulation of people. That’s the liberal “drug”: controlling other people via government mandates gives them a “high.” They loved the Covid-19 lockdowns! They still love the Covid mask and vaccine mandates! (Prediction: the mask mandates will remain in place for several years, even after 98% of the public is vaccinated).

One possible reason liberals are sad and angry people is this: leftists only destroy, they never create. Leftism is a wrecking-ball movement: “tear it all down!” “Smash it!” Too much destruction negatively impacts their brains after awhile; all that hate builds up inside them. Subconsciously they hate themselves for destroying America, though they’ll never realize it.

Furthermore, consider this song below, about the Sandinistas of Nicaragua, by actor/singer Kris Kristofferson, which I just discovered and didn’t know existed. (Do you think if I wrote a song about how the heroic Nazis tried to free Europe from oppression, most people would believe it? Betcha not — although they did indeed, since Nazism, and similarly fascism, were merely responses to Bolshevism). Keep in mind that the Soviet-backed Sandinistas were brutal communists, not Boy Scouts, e.g., they massacred the Miskito Indians there when they would not play ball with communist rule [2]. The mainstream media denies this, of course. The communists destroyed Nicaragua because it was too conservative and stable. Leftists hate stability and order. They like traveling through life without a road map. (Conservatives like road maps. They want to know where they’re going). Thousands of people were murdered in the Sandinista Revolution of 1978/1979. Many more were oppressed and left homeless. Life in Nicaragua was turned upside down by these hateful, communist fanatics. Importantly, Sandinista leader Danny Ortega has never been punished for his overthrow of Nicaragua. Will he ever be punished? Nope. Leftists never pay for their crimes. Only rightists do, such as Pinochet.

Kristofferson’s song “Sandinista”: here are some of the lyrics:

“Sandinista, you can hold your head up high
You have given back their Freedom”

“Freedom”? Really? Life under communism is “freedom”? Is war also “peace”?



[1] Reminds me of a dialogue from the 1961 movie “The Music Man”:
Man #1: “…if I’m going to get River City out of the trouble it’s in…”
Man #2: “But, River City isn’t in any trouble.”
Man #1: “Then I’ll have to create some.”

[2] Danny Ortega/Miskito Indians

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