20 January, 2021

Upon Leaving Office, Trump Said ‘I Will Always Fight For You’

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Really? He will? When?

In the end, Donald Trump folded like a lawn chair. At the very least, in his last days in office, Trump could have declared martial law, or invoked the Insurrection Act, and then postponed the Joe Biden “inauguration” until a full forensic investigation of the 2020 election fraud could be completed. He didn’t do that. He also could have invoked his Executive Order of Sept. 2018 re: election fraud committed in America by foreigners, but he didn’t do that, either [1]. He merely pardoned some people and declassified a few things. Big whoop.

Worse, Trump, in his last days in office, sent a loud message to the world (e.g., to China) that “you can hijack our federal elections and you will pay no consequences for doing so.” Will America ever have honest federal elections again? It’s doubtful. Who will police them? The Democrats???

Right-wing populism is a great idea, but Trump is no longer the man to lead it. It needs a real leader.


[1] “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election,” issued by Trump on September 12, 2018

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