20 January, 2021

Video: Donald Trump: Why They Want to Destroy Him, Even After He Leaves Office

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A good video. Leftists and Jews are vindictive (because they suffer more from “Affect Intensity”), and they want to make an example of Trump, lest other White men “dare to” follow in Trump’s semi-nationalist footsteps in 2024 and beyond [1]. How dare they think nationally! That’s not allowed, ever, even if you never use the words “wetback” or “nigger.” They can’t allow that to happen. Leftists and Jews are children, after all, and children are vengeful and emotional. They must take revenge, because how dare White men who lean towards nationalism come to power! How dare a border-wall-builder who “hates” Mexicans become president! Zionism is the only nationalism that is allowed! Ask Bibi.

[Video; duration is 10 minutes].


[1] people who rate high in “Affect Intensity” are more emotional than normal people; they become angry and upset more easily; conservative White males suffer less from AI; but Blacks, Browns, Jews and leftists suffer more from AI. This is a real problem in the West — how do you solve it?

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