1 January, 2021

Why Do Western Democracies Make Nice With Cuba?

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(Above: Cuban food ration books, which you must use to buy stale bread from the communist government [limit: one loaf per person] after standing in a line for 7 hours. Yummy!).

I recall reading about a man who owned a gas station/food store in Cuba before the communists took power in 1959. He was a White Spaniard, as are (or were) many successful people in Cuba. When the communists found out that he owned a gas station/food mart, they shot him dead. That was his “crime”: owning a gas station/food mart! Can you believe that? The joys of communism.

How sad that America more-or-less installed the communists into power in Cuba, by telling Cuban leader Fulgencio Batista to step down from power because America no longer recognized his kinda-corrupt government. He did step down, paving the way for Fidel Castro (1926-2016) and Marxism. (It seems that America didn’t believe that Castro was a communist because the American newspapers were saying that he wasn’t. Of course).

U.S. president Barack Hussein YoMama began “normalizing” American relations with Cuba just weeks after he took office in 2009. Why on earth would he do that? Castro was a thug and a killer, and it was no secret. So is his younger brother Raul, who is now ruling Cuba. Barack Hussein YoMama had no good reason to “normalize” relations with Cuba.

Furthermore, why would Canada and the European Union (which are also democracies of course) invest heavily in Cuba, knowing that Cuba is a brutal communist country that hates freedom and free speech, and that throws its citizens into jail for the slightest political infractions?

It’s rather fascinating to watch “freedom-loving Western democracies” aid and abet communism by making nice with Cuba. Why are they making nice with assholes who hate freedom and success?

Thank god, president Donald Trump has reversed most of Barack Hussein YoMama’s “normalization” rules for Cuba, citing among other reasons Cuba’s injuring of American diplomats with hidden sonic weapons that made them sick — some of them permanently so.

A few facts about life in Cuba:

Food lines: Standing in line to buy food from the government-run food stores is a routine thing. And that food is low-quality, and there is never enough of it. People often leave the stores empty-handed, e.g., the store only had 35 loaves of bread and there were 50 people standing in line. The Cuban government “allows” you to buy food with “food ration books.” You take the ration books to the government stores in order to buy the food. If you displease the government in any way, your food rations will be reduced and your family will receive less food. The government literally controls how much food you will eat. Better toe the communist line!

Gas lines: Waiting in a line, by sitting in your car near a gas station, for hours, to buy gasoline, is a routine thing. In communist countries, there are always shortages of everything (unless you’re a big, powerful government official, and then you can get anything you want. So much for communism making everybody “equal” — yeah, equally miserable, but some are more miserable than others).

The government can arrest you for any reason, at any time. You have no legal rights.

Your belongings can be seized by the government anytime, for any reason.

Why would Western democracies support this type of a country? It makes no sense. By supporting Cuba they are only prolonging the Marxism there.

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