22 February, 2021

Christianity: The Great Jewish Hoax

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by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D.

“At 2.1 billion people, Christianity is the largest religion on Earth. And yet, not a fraction of a percent of these people understand even the basic facts of their own so-called religion. If they did, they would be utterly appalled. Their entire religion is a fraud; it is based in Jewish lies and Jewish duplicity to an extent that is astonishing. If only Christians knew that they had been duped! My objective here, in this short essay, is to highlight the basics of the Judeo-Christian hoax, in an effort to awaken the more open-minded Christians out there, and hopefully to raise their awareness of ongoing harm caused by this corrupt and soul-destroying theology.

Though we obviously can’t know for sure, there are very strong reasons for thinking that Jesus’ birth, his life story, and in fact the entire Christian project are Jewish constructions. I will argue here that most or all of the Christian story is mythology, fabrication, and yes, a lie. It was a kind of fraud perpetrated, originally, on the superstitious pagan masses. And they bought it — hook, line, and sinker. And millions continue to buy it, to this day, two millennia later. How this could have happened is one of the most important, and least known, stories in Western civilization.”


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