26 February, 2021

Faggotry: the Latest Cool Thing

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(Once an abnormal, undesirable trait, homosexuality is now hip and trendy! But since homosexuals cannot reproduce, that’s great proof that homosexuality is a biological mistake, a genetic quirk that nature didn’t intend to happen).

Liberal #1: “I’m gay! I told my wife last night!”

Liberal #2: “So am I! I came out last month!”

Liberal #3: “I’m not gay yet, but I will be. I think I’ll come out in the Spring!”

Liberal #4: “I can’t decide if I want to become gay, or if I should just change my gender. Decisions, decisions!”

Liberal #5: “My dog is transgender.”

Liberal #4: “Really? You must be sooo proud of him!”

Liberal #5: “Her.”

Liberal #4: “Ohh, gee, I’m so sorry that I misgendered your dog! Please don’t hate me!!!”


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