22 February, 2021

For Newbies: Thoughts on Postmodernism

Posted by Socrates in communal living, communism, communism as a fraud, counterculture, Derrida, Marcuse, Marxism, Paul Krassner, postmodern baloney, postmodernism, postmodernism and reality denial, Socrates at 7:09 pm | Permanent Link

Marxism was on its way out circa 1960. Most people were bored and disenchanted with it. But just then, the French postmodernist assholes (Sartre, the Jew Derrida, etc.) revived Marxism by re-inventing it as postmodernism. It was old wine in a new bottle. And jointly (so to speak), the Jew Herbert Marcuse revived it as well (with his 1964 book “One-Dimensional Man”). They resuscitated Marxism and brought it back to life. Like Dr. Frankenstein: “It’s aliiive! Aliiive!” Just in time for the Jews Paul Krassner, Abbie Hoffman and the Jewish hippie movement to run the pigskin even further down the field. Marxism has amazing staying power for a fraudulent ideology. You just have to re-invent it from time to time!

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