12 February, 2021

Government Liberals are Brainwashing Toddlers Now

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Government race hustler: “It’s time for your child to learn about racism!”

White mother: “But, she’s only 2 months old! She can’t even walk or talk yet!”

Government race hustler: “That’s no excuse! We have to nip Nazism in the bud! We must teach your child to hate herself! If you don’t cooperate, I’ll be forced to report you to the Governor’s Office For Combating Whiteness, and your child could be removed from your home.” [1].

White mother: “Well…uhhhm…okay, Mrs….what was your name again?”

Government race hustler: “That’s Ms. to you. I’m Ms. Goldberg. My phone number is on this card. Call me within one week. Don’t delay!”



[1] Don’t laugh. In 15 years, there will be a Governor’s Office For Combating Whiteness in every state

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