21 February, 2021

High-Investment Parenting vs. Low-Investment Parenting

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Overheard: a well-traveled White man (a missionary) saying that, in the Brown, third-world countries, it’s very common to see 5-year-old kids wandering around all day long without any adult supervision. This, of course, is known as low-investment parenting: you birth a kid, but then you more-or-less ignore him.

However, in the White countries, the situation is just the opposite: the parents of 5-year-olds practice high-investment parenting in those countries. They watch their kids closely and keep a tight rein on their wanderings. (Today, this would be called “White supremacy” in most of the universities in America. How dare White people raise their children better than Brown people!).

Dr. J. Philippe Rushton talks about this situation in his good book, “Race, Evolution and Behavior”: [Book; a .PDF file].

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