22 February, 2021

Holo-Humor: Because Some Lies Are Too Darn Funny

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(Fact: most of the deaths in the German-run concentration camps occurred at the end of WWII and were the result of diseases such as typhus, or starvation due to supply lines being cut by the “allies” [which included the murderous Soviet Union]. The “6 million Jews were gassed by the Nazis” fable is pure fantasy. Burning a few diseased bodies in cremation ovens doesn’t mean that you “gassed” them first. Indeed, the Jews are the ones who 1) first made the “gassing” claims and 2) set the gassing toll at “6 million” victims — a number which they are strangely obsessed with).

Trivia: did you know that the Jews have been portraying themselves as “innocent victims” since the days of the Roman Empire? Yep. They’ve been doing it for so long that they’ve got it down to a science. Getting and using “the power of the victim” is an old game for them. Remember the “anti-Jewish pogroms” in Russia, beginning in the 1880s, most of which never happened? Again, this is an old game for them. The “pogrom” lies were used by the Jews to allow about 2 million of them to emigrate to America. Lucky us.

If the HollowSwindle happened as they say it did, there would have been tons of human ash piled up all around Auschwitz, waiting to be trucked away. Ten-foot-high piles. Were there any such piles of ash? Nope. Nobody reported any such ash, including the Red Cross. Jews are the liars of humanity. Heck, the Jews were spinning tall tales when Caesar was in diapers.


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