26 February, 2021

Marxism Spreads to Toys

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(Above: Jewish Marxist Eugene Kamenka).

Now, toys are gender-free. Why? And what’s next? G.I. Joe will be renamed to simply “G.I.” (government issue)?? Why can’t toys mirror humans?

We are becoming a society where race, sex, and creed do not exist. Where all humans are “equal.” In other words: we are heading towards communism [1].



[1] “In the name of science and of man it (Marxism) seeks to transcend the specific divisions of climate, race and creed, of nation-state and language-group, in order to chart a common future for mankind.” —- from the book “The Ethical Foundations of Marxism” by Jewish/Marxist scholar Eugene Kamenka (1928-1994), 1962; from the Preface to the Japanese edition, 1965.

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