3 February, 2021

The Coming Inquisition Against White People, or, USA Morphing Into South Africa

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(Above: the Jewish “anthropologist” Claude Levi-Strauss (1908-2009), a key player in the global anti-White movement; he popularized the now-common idea that Brown people are “good” and White people are “bad”).

America is turning into another South Africa. It will soon be ruined, just like S.A., all because Whites used logic in their management of America, just like Whites did in S.A.; and the American Left will be pushing “transitional justice” here just like in S.A. (“transitional justice” is also known as “vengeful leftists making rightists pay for previous, successful, logical governmental policies.” Globally, “transitional justice” will never be applied to leftists, only to rightists. Consider Zimbabwe, for example: Mugabe’s communist government murdered and oppressed thousands of innocent people. Now that Mugabe is dead, will any of Mugabe’s thugs face “transitional justice”? No way!).

Newbies, here’s what happened in South Africa beginning circa 1994: the government went from discriminating against Blacks to discriminating against Whites. The first was called “bad.” The second is called “good” — it’s still happening today [1]. (Note: the governmental White racism against Blacks was logical. After all, it was Whites who built South Africa, not Blacks [i.e., it was British and Dutch men]. Why would Whites want to allow Blacks — with IQs that are 20 to 30 points lower — to have an “equal” presence in the government that they [Whites] built? Only idiots would allow such a thing. Why not allow 12-year-olds into the government, too? Now that Blacks run the government in S.A., the country is ruined. Nothing works: try to make a phone call and half the time the line is dead; power outages are common; airplanes and buses don’t work; Black management just plain sucks).

We are witnessing a growing, global war against White people, a war which began in earnest circa 1933 with anti-Germany actions [2] and picked up speed circa 1955 as liberals entered the Western universities in large numbers. Jewish author Norman F. Cantor, in his good, 1994 book “The Sacred Chain: a History of the Jews,” notes on page 421 that Claude Levi-Strauss, the Jewish “anthropologist,” could be considered a godfather of left-wing thought, since Levi-Strauss developed/galvanized the concept of the ‘bad’ White world vs. the ‘good’ non-White world, which Cantor calls “the cardinal doctrine of all leftist-leaning thought since 1960.” Leftism is all about hating Whitey. Anti-White themes are everywhere today: on the TV, in the movies, in magazines and newspapers, in the schools. It’s one giant, interconnected, anti-White pogrom. Make no mistake: this is attempted genocide. Before you wipe out a people, you must first demonize them thoroughly.

[Article] and [Article].


[1] South Africa is now governed by Blacks, and here’s the main reason why: Jewish political activists – such as Lionel Bernstein, Yossel “Joe” Slovo and Ronnie Kasrils – campaigned for decades to secure equal rights for Blacks, just as Jewish activists did in America. Blacks finally had their dreams of political equality fulfilled in 1993 with the interim constitution. Slovo was a negotiator in the meetings between activists and the S.A. government which finally ended White rule. In fact, since Slovo’s proposals acted as a stalemate-breaker in those negotiations, his involvement could be called “crucial” to the ending of apartheid.

[2] some people would argue that the war against White people began long before that, and they’d be right, but this post focuses on the modern era. It’s true that the Jews have been at war with Western culture for a very long time.

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