2 February, 2021

The Move Towards Criminalizing Free Speech

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Over the past few decades, liberals invented a new term: “hate speech.” They now say that “hate speech isn’t free speech.” That’s a Derrida-ism. Just say it and it’s true! Just say “hate speech isn’t free speech” and — presto! — it’s illegal speech! Because they say so! The liberal mind is so child-like: just wish something into existence!

Of course, there’s no such thing as “hate speech.” Hate is an emotion, and emotions are natural and therefore not illegal. It’s not illegal to hate broccoli, or cats, or your neighbor. How can you ban an emotion? Only threats of violence, or inciting others to commit violence, are illegal (unless you’re Black, e.g., recall the May/June 2020 riots in America, during which Blacks incited violence daily but were never charged with crimes). Did you threaten, or urge, violence? No? Then your speech is perfectly fine. It’s free speech, protected by the First Amendment. (White people invented the concept of free speech, by the way. Freedom: it’s a “White thing”).

Liberals are trying to make patriotic speech “seem illegal” in the public mind since they can’t legally ban it (yet).


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