6 February, 2021

The Red Dragon is Threatening the West, But Liberals Are Unconcerned (But If Russia Did the Same Things? OMG!)

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(Above: former U.S. National Security Advisor Sandy “Socks” Berger, a Jew, and the man who almost single-handedly “grew” China from being a backwards agricultural country into being a global powerhouse with sophisticated technology [thanks to a super-cozy relationship he brokered between China and the Clinton Administration. He got China into the World Trade Organization and he also got China “Most-Favored Nation” trading status. What a dick]. Berger was caught stealing classified material from the National Archives and stuffing it into his socks. That’s a Jew for you! Also, thanks to Berger, millions of American jobs were outsourced to China. Forget Russia: China is now a threat to the entire Western world. Thanks a lot, Sandy!).

1995: “China getting supercomputer technology from America? What could possibly go wrong?” (China now has sophisticated military weapons, thanks to supercomputer technology; the Clinton Administration was warned by military security experts about this matter, to no avail).

2021: “China creating a global DNA database? What could possibly go wrong?” (China could create biological weapons with a DNA database, or at the very least, it could monopolize medicines on a global scale).


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