5 February, 2021

The War on White People Spreads to Animals

Posted by Socrates in animal abuse, animal rights, mestizos, Mexico, Socrates at 12:25 pm | Permanent Link

Suuure, it’s Whitey’s fault when non-Whites abuse their pets! Even worse, being kind to dogs is racist! Animal abuse: it’s all somehow connected to Whitey! In fact, Whitey invented keeping dogs as “pets”!

Seriously, non-Whites treat their animals horrible (look at Mexico), but they get a pass from the media and the Left because it’s all Whitey’s fault: Mexico, they say, is poor because America “oppresses” the Mexicans and “keeps them down” via racism and classism and so forth. Nothing is their fault. Ever. They are the perpetual victims of Whiteness.


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