14 February, 2021

Trump Is Half Right

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Seen on the web: Donald Trump Issues Statement After Feb. 13, 2021 Sham Impeachment Acquittal: “We Have Only Just Begun”

Trump is half right. Trumpism has only just begun. He’s correct about that. It’s the new wave and people like it.

But there’s a problem. A leadership problem.

Donald Trump himself tucked tail and ran when he didn’t even need to. After the liberals (read: Jews) stole the 2020 election, Trump could have invoked the Insurrection Act, or his 2018 Executive Order about foreign vote fraud, and taken a bold stand by calling out the National Guard and arresting the thieves who stole the election and the people who aided and abetted the thieves. But he didn’t. He simply ran back to Florida. I was at least expecting him to declassify embarrassing things about congressmen and others but he didn’t even do that! He didn’t fight at all. Why not?

Trump failed us at crunch time. He therefore cannot lead White people. Which is too bad. I actually like Trump and in many ways we need him as a political figurehead, despite his Zionism; I mean, Trump can give speeches that put expert speakers to shame. No one can give a speech like Trump! God himself can’t.

Trumpism (right-wing populism) will live on. Which is good because we can’t go back to lamestream, Bush conservatism. We must finish building the border wall and finish canceling out globalism, among other things.

But Trump himself betrayed his own movement and the millions of people who dutifully followed him by not acting forcefully enough in November 2020. Trump should act only as an advisor to Trumpism and appoint someone to act in his stead to lead Trumpism. How about Florida governor Ron DeSantis?

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    1. john Says:

      DeSantis is in Israels back pocket… anyone who doesn’t know that hasn’t been paying attention