25 February, 2021

We Must Always Please the Blacks. Why?

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Karl Marx, 1880: “In the future, everything will be re-named to please the negroes.”

Karl Marx’s ghost, 2021: “See?? I told you so!”

(By the way, what are “deadly words”? Does that mean words can actually kill you? Wait…ohhh, yes, now I remember: leftists today say that “words are violence!” Yeah. The Jewish “philosopher” Ludwig Wittgenstein [1889-1951] popularized that subversive idea. He said that words have no concrete meanings and that word meaning depends solely on how you use the words. For example, the word “cat” could mean a small furry animal, or a skateboard, or it could mean Mussolini’s left testicle, ya know, oy veh, it’s all how ya use the word, ya see?…confused? Oy veh, that’s the whole idea, goy boy…remember Bill Clinton and his “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”??…there ya go! Oy vehhh…).


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