7 March, 2021

A Climate-Change Guru Discusses It

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I stumbled upon this by accident. This is a public discussion (not a debate) with Michael Mann and another fellow, in 2018. Mann is probably the best-known “climate-change guru” in the world. He created the “hockey-stick graph” circa 1998 which, it is claimed, shows global warming as greatly increasing in the 20th century presumably due to human CO2 creation. (Mann is Jewish, by the way; in fact, he mentions his roots in the discussion. Furthermore, I was previously unaware of another climate-change guru, Stephen Schneider, who was a colleague of Mann’s and who was, coincidentally, also Jewish, and who is mentioned in the discussion. Schneider was involved in climate-change research since 1975 (in that year he created the “Climate Change Journal” with the National Center for Atmospheric Research) and he could be called a godfather of “climate-change science.”).

Trivia: erupting volcanoes put out more CO2 and other gases in one eruption than humans put out in 20 years. So? Well, a volcano just erupted in Italy. I guess that sets the “greenies” back 20 years in their efforts!

Mann talks about “climate contrarians” in the discussion. [Here is one climate contrarian].

[Discussion transcript].

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