30 March, 2021

A Random Thought

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Liberals love the Covid-19 pandemic because they hate “normal” and also because they love governmental control.

To liberals, “normal” is like the Ronald Reagan era: White guys running things and maintaining order; boring, small-town, Main Street stuff. They hate that. Liberals love change. In fact, they crave change. Staying in one spot freaks them out. Liberals are unhappy people who are always hoping that something new will come along to make America, and their sad lives, happier or at least more exciting [1]. Big government mandates make liberals happy, because they believe that the government exists to guide people through life from cradle to grave. They believe that the people need the government and cannot function without the government. So, for now, the liberals are happy with the mask mandates and the social-distancing rules. They love the mandates and they don’t want them to end, as you can read below. Covid-19 was the best thing to happen to liberals since Barack Obama: “finally, the government is doing its job: protecting the little people by keeping them under tight control. Yay! See? You need Big Brother and his mandates! You need them!” The liberals also needed to punish the millions of White male business owners who supported Trump, and the lockdowns were the perfect way to do it — in fact, the lockdowns were tailor-made for that, almost as if Covid-19 was planned by the Left, which is entirely possible, since it arrived after the first, failed impeachment of Trump. (It’s also entirely possible that Covid-19 is merely the flu and is being called “Covid-19” for political/economic/social reasons).

News headline: “Biden Calls on Governors to Reinstate Mask Mandates, Says He Shares CDC Director’s Sentiment of “Impending Doom” on Covid Pandemic” (by the way, the CDC director is Jewish).



[1] most liberals come from broken or unhappy homes

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